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Want to Avoid the Tourists?

Everyone knows about Pike Place Market. In fact, it's Seattle's most visited tourist attraction. But suppose you are looking for some good food and don't want to wade through a sea of tourists and gum walls. Where can you go?

Melrose Market

Head over to Melrose Market, which is Pike Place's little cousin. Melrose Market is located on the edge of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Capitol Hill is home to many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. After your meal at Melrose Market, you'll have no trouble finding something fun to do.

Melrose Market is a recent creation, opening its doors in 2010. It's home to an array of award-winning vendors, so you're sure to find something you like.

Still Liquor

If you're in the mood for a drink, head to Still Liquor, a prohibition-themed bar which was converted from an old automotive garage in a basement. You can feel like you're back in the 20s.


If you're looking for something healthy, go to Homegrown. All of the food is sustainably sourced from local farms. Menu items include a smashed chickpea sandwich, a matcha chicken avocado bowl, and vegetarian chili. Homegrown donates 1% of its sales to organizations that work to reduce humans' environmental impact on the planet.


If you feel like having a little wine, try Marseille, which prides itself on having a selection of "natural wines." Natural wines use natural processing methods, little human intervention, and contain lower amounts of sulfites. Why not give them a try?

Melrose Market has been described as the David to Pike Place's Goliath, but who doesn't like an underdog? Avoid the crowds and have a unique experience.

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Melrose Market

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